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Code of Conduct

Southern Maryland Code of Conduct


The influence, both good and bad, that a parent can have on their child’s introduction to or continuation in sports, is often misunderstood or underestimated.  Southern Maryland Volleyball Club (SOMDVBC) appreciates your valuable contribution to your athlete.

Remember that where we practice and play is like your child’s classroom.  Respect the classroom.

Make only positive encouraging comments to or about players on BOTH teams.

Remember that making mistakes is part of the learning process – don’t criticize.

Discuss your concerns away from the players and away from your child.

Show respect for the officials, coaching staff, parents, and players.

Control your emotions.

Get interested in your child’s sport.  Ignorance is not bliss for those around you.

Learn the rules of the game.  Sources:  USAVRules

Don’t coach from the sidelines – don’t coach at all.  Simply reiterate what you have heard your child’s coach say at practice at the appropriate time and place.

Get your child to games and practices on time.

Don’t allow your child to talk negatively about a teammate, a coach or an official – stick with the facts, not the emotion.

Don’t proliferate your child’s negative behavior when they are discouraged.  Help them realize the positive.

Nutrition and the Athlete

Good nutrition is essential for the athlete to be able to compete at a consistent level, not to mention maintain a healthy body. While SOMDVBC may be able to assist in guiding the athlete to consume balanced meals and healthy snacks while on trips, you as the parent are the ultimate tool in creating good nutritional habits for life. You can find nutritional information for an athlete on the SOMDVBC website

Know the Rules

Each year, coaches and players attend officiating clinics with in our region. Many times, the parents are welcome to attend as well. Knowing the rules will allow you to enjoy much more the many hours you spend watching this game. Nothing is more frustrating than not knowing what the last call was all about and listening to an irate parent complain over a call that THEY may know nothing about! You may also want to acquire an Official Volleyball Rules Book, presented by USA Volleyball (USAV)

Grievance Procedure

Knowing when to communicate and how to communicate with your athlete’s coach is a concern for almost every parent at some time during the season. Most often the concern is how to inquire about issues surrounding playing time.

Athletes should be encouraged to talk to the coach when a problem arises (i.e. regarding playing time, position or unclear expectations in practice or competition.) The appropriate manner for the athlete to approach the coach is to ask what she, the athlete, needs to do in order to receive more opportunities to play or to accomplish a goal.  Parents can best help their athlete by guiding them through this process and supporting communication with the coach. Athletes should be the one to approach a coach regarding “coaching decisions”, not the parents. Coaching decisions include, among other things: practice organization, playing time, positions, substitutions, etc.….

The amount an athlete is on the court is the result of a complex determination, in that coach’s opinion, of the athlete’s ability, the athlete’s potential, the team’s needs at the moment, and the team’s needs in the future. The coach will not be required to defend his/her thought process or conclusions in these determinations. It should be expected however, that the coach be able to relay information to the athlete to explain the athlete’s current role on the team and what the athlete needs to improve upon to resolve the concern.

Athlete/Parent/Coach Interaction

Athlete and Parents SHOULD:

Approach the coach to ask for a meeting time to be set. (Contact the coach - via email, SportsEngine, etc. - to  set a meeting time)

Expect meetings to be at a location other than a tournament.

Expect that the meeting should be between the coaches of the team and the player.

Athletes approach the coach with any concern.  If the concern remains unresolved, a meeting should be between the athlete, the coaches, and the parents. If the concern still remains unresolved, the parent should contact the Club Liaison for intervention.

Athlete and Parents SHOULD NOT:

Confront a coach during a practice or during tournaments.

Expect meetings to be set during practice or tournament participation.

Attempt to “compare” or evaluate another athlete.

Use profanity

Harass or threaten the coach.

Discuss their concerns with any other parents or players until a resolution has been reached with the  coach.

General Behavior Policy

SOMDVBC holds the highest of standards of sportsmanship.  Good manners are synonymous with good sportsmanship.  Good sportsmanship embodies the ideals of fairness, self-control, support of team, and performing to the best of one’s ability and honor.  SOMDVBC will not tolerate hostile, aggressive confrontations by a parent towards an official, a director, a coach, an athlete, or another parent. Violation of this policy may result in the athlete and/or parent being dismissed from the club. In such instances, no refunds will be issued.

It is inappropriate for an athlete or a parent to involve other SOMDVBC members (third parties) about a  problem the athlete or parent is having with a coach, objections to coaching decisions, or disagreements with an administrative decision.

Any member who, as a third party, hears remarks or stories being told about SOMDVBC, its employees, or its policies, that cause the member to be concerned is encouraged to contact the Director immediately to determine the facts, or to alert the club administration to a situation it may be unaware of.

We understand that we are solely responsible for all club fees due as per the fee schedule listed online at the SOMDVBC website. We understand that all dues must be paid in full regardless of the duration of the participation of the player. We understand that if the player decides to withdraw for any reason, the club volleyball season fees must still be paid in full. All club fees, including dues and any travel fees, are due by the dates listed on the SOMDVBC website. Any amounts past due are subject to late fees.  Additionally, our child will not be permitted to participate in any club activities, practices or tournaments until we are up to date in our payments.  Payments are made online.  Processing fees will be incurred on all payments.  

Playing time, specific team/coach, and playing positions are not guaranteed. These items are at the discretion of the coach. Parents will not be refunded any portion of the paid club dues, and are not entitled to any type of reduction in fees, if the playing time or position of their player or a specific coach is not in line with their expectations.